Proffe Trendfolger Fund

Dear Investor,

Trend following has long been one of the most successful investment strategies on the capital markets. I have developed a system that almost perfects the trend following investment strategy.

With my Proffes Trendfolge System® I have been showing for over 3 decades, through my investment newsletters, how year after year a well above the market performance can be achieved.

My target with the Proffe Trendfolger Fund is to achieve a long-term, above-average performance of around 30% per year.

Michael Proffe
€ 100,000
Minimum inlay
Fund currency

An investment fund according to Proffes Trendfolge System®

Only the strongest and most promising trend followers that are able to pass my fundamental and company analysis will be included in the fund.

They need to have a recurring strong dynamic with intact trends, the signals for this evaluation process will come from my technical analysis, so I can choose selected leverage products, like options. I call this a consistent action.

My trend following system always shows me clearly when, how and to what extent an investment will be successful. My system relies exclusively on winners and allows me to define a long-term performance parameter.